The Future is Female: An Anthology

If feminism were a celebrity, she’d be the "it girl" right now. We’ve all watched her galavant through social media with her squad of girl bosses and reclaim the catch phrase “grab her by the pussy.” And yet.

This moment of vocal feminist sentiment coincided with the election of a racist self-professed sexual predator over the woman who coined the phrase “women’s rights are human rights” during her life-long career of service. Based on their votes, we can only assume over half the white women in this country thought this the reasonable choice. Is this the best that feminism can do?

Our special edition anthology isn’t about Hillary Clinton or the 2016 election. Our issues are deeper; our concerns are broader; the way forward is more convoluted. Let's respond to and unpack the tensions this election cycle has exposed. If the future is female, how do we get there? Can we all come? And why does it look so far away?

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