Hi. We're Miya Hirabayashi and Elisabeth Thurston Fraser. We founded Equals, a print and online publishing platform for 200+ contributors writing & creating art and photography about substantive issues relevant to women from 2010-2013 (ask us about our super secret archives). The band is back together for a special edition anthology focused on our feminist future. 

Here's a bit more about us, if you're interested.

Hi, I'm Elisabeth. You'll find me at the intersection of research and storytelling. I've spent the last 15 years asking big questions; forging connections between data, ideas, and people; and creating and curating engaging content. If you're looking for me at a crowded event, I'll be the one in the corner learning someone's secret hopes and wildest dreams. I don't know how it happens; it just does. I'm a listener because people are fascinating, but also because it makes me a better storyteller--and stories are everything. I live in San Francisco, though I'm just as at home in New York. Want to meet for coffee? Oh, you can also find me here: Wheelhouse Collab

I'm Miya, a hard-working, always-thinking, perpetually curious brand strategist and creative director. I've worked with all kinds of brands, from teensy to huge in roles from stagehand to Beyoncé. I started my career pursuing a PhD in Education Policy after 2 years of Teach for America in the South Bronx, which means that not only can I design stuff, but I'm also a take-no-guff badass and can program the crap out of large datasets. How I got from there to here is a long story that involves a revelation in a 1/2 story (like Being John Malkovich 1/2 story) grad lounge and a very pregnant semester in design school, which I will happily share with you over coffee (almond milk lattes are my jam—please don't make fun, it's a sore subject), bourbon (neat, please), or a run (easy or fast, you choose).