A few of my favorite things

I mentioned this last week, but I have an exceptional fondness for records, handwritten letters, and books.  I'm not sure what it is, but I love the presence of such things; the tactile sense of touching my music, turning a page, or holding a pen.  I think it helps me appreciate those elements and actions a little more. I almost always think better with a pen in my hand; I'm a dedicated note taker & list maker.  I even write my Equals Records columns out by hand every week before typing them. Handwriting letters is is extra special though. Its like sending a little piece of myself to a friend. And of course I treasure return letters, they sit in a special box in my office.

I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. When your mom is a librarian, the love of books is basically instilled at birth.  Growing up I was never the girl who could shoot a free-throw or predict the next makeup trend, but I could work a card catalog like nobodies business. I love to read and use an e-reader often, but nothing beats the turn of a page.

Music is a bit different.  My parents had a record player when I was growing up and it was common for them to have music playing in the evenings. I collected CDs & Cassette tapes like any other child of the 80s &90s, but eventually gave them all up to go digital. For a while I listened to my favorite tunes through headphones or computer speakers. So it probably came as a shock when I told my parents I wanted a record for christmas.  But they obliged and my vinyl collection gradually grew through gifts, record shops, and thrift store purchases.  Now I love to choose an album, slide it out of its case and gently place the needle, just as I love to flip a page and hear the scratch of a pen.