A List of Resolutions

I’m not normally very good about New Year’s Resolutions.  In fact, I typically skip them altogether.  It seems when January 1st rolls around, my life is already in a state of chaos and/or change or I have already adopted any ‘resolutions’ I might make.  But this year is different.  This year I find my life in a near constant state, I’m not planning any moves, I already have a job (or two) that I like, things are stable. So the door is open for resolutions.  After listening to the goals and commitments of my friends and family for years, I finally have my own resolutions.

  • Be a grown up: Put away money for a rainy day, update important things like health insurance and retirement plans, get a handle on my taxes and generally be a responsible adult.
  • Be a great friend: make the phone calls first, send long emails, write letters. I treasure my relationships, especially those with my friends---its important to act like it.
  • Take care of me: develop healthy eating and exercise habits.  My sister once told me that she exercised because she feels (and I agree) that she’s pretty awesome and “that much awesomeness deserves to last as long as possible and be as healthy as possible”.
  • Read to expand my horizons:  Books about science, religion, and interesting biographies are on my list, as well as dipping into poetry and essays.
  • Set goals: I’m kind of a float-through-life gal; setting goals on a monthly basis will help me stay on top of my resolutions and give me a rush when I cross things off.
  • Direction, dreams, and discovery:  These are my keywords for 2013.  I’m not one for corporate dreams or following a set path, but there are still things I want to accomplish and places I want to focus my energies. I want to see where projects or ideas might lead me; it’s thrilling and exhilarating to think about all the new things I might do, learn, and create.

May your 2013 be everything you could hope for and more!