Behind the Scenes

I wanted to share some behind the scenes shots from the animation I am currently working on, a video for the song “Shatter” by Distant Correspondent.

I love working with narration, like I did with the book trailers, but after doing so for the past few projects it’s kind of nice to take a break. In this case the storyline is up to me. The lyrics and music provide a guide, but there is a lot of room for interpretation.

I have been trying to have certain times when I’m working where I intentionally don’t listen to anything: no podcasts, no music, no episodes of Chopped (not that there would be!) Even just a small amount of time seems helpful, and can turn into a longer amount of time without me realizing it. I keep coming back to Lesson One in The Animator’s Survival Kit (by Richard Williams) which is to unplug and “learn to face the silence.” It’s hard, but I really think it is helpful, both for the work and for myself as a person.