Doing Nothing All Day Long

This past weekend I did something important.  Vitally necessary and good for my health. I did nothing.  For an entire day.

On Sunday I woke up, made some coffee, and then got back into bed.  While my husband watched the Premier League, I cozied under the covers and spent most of the day reading.  Occasionally I picked up my phone to text one of my best friends or check out instagram (I’m just a wee bit addicted), but I never opened my laptop.  I avoided my work email and really did a whole lot of nothing.

Besides being generally lovely, my nothing day served a purpose; it helped me recharge.  Like a cleanse or detox, a day of nothing is like pressing the reset switch.  My priorities are in sharper focus, Being Happy and In Love are at the front of my mind and the top of my thankful list. Everything else falls behind.  My mood, which was good to begin with, has jumped a few more rungs, and I generally just feel lighter. I feel bubbly and sparkly, refreshed in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

All from a day spent doing nothing.