Expressing Adoration

I adore my life. Adore.  I try to say so frequently. It’s part of a personal commitment of mine to say what I feel, especially the good stuff.  I never want those close to me to think that I don’t/didn’t care or wasn’t grateful for the moment or experience we shared.  I’m the girl who will break the silence to say “I’m glad we’re friends” or “I love my life”; I’m the wife who calls her husband in the middle of the day to say ‘I love you’.  Nothing has done more for me in my adult life than this habit of expressing joy and thanks. I haven't performed any scientific studies (these guys have), but it seems to me that the simple act of saying, or even silently acknowledging, a positive emotion amplifies the same.  I know that I am a happier person since I've adapted habits of gratitude and celebration.  I've always found the 'live-each-day-like-its-your-last' mentality to be rather morbid, I prefer to live each day like its a holiday or a party, I celebrate the everyday.  My grass is quite green, so much so that I find I'm immune to the always-greener syndrome. There's always something to high-five about, maybe its a gorgeous sunset and a glass of wine, maybe its writing something I'm proud of, maybe its making a perfect omelet, maybe its spending a quiet hour reading in bed next to my husband.  The what doesn't matter nearly as much as taking the time, the moment, to smile and say 'Today is a Good Day, I adore my Life'.

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And so, as I write this, I’m standing in my kitchen. It’s a lazy Sunday. I stayed curled under the covers this morning while my husband went out for breakfast, we played some games and watched a James Bond movie and now I’m in the kitchen with an afternoon glass of wine, a tourism brochure for a summer vacation, and a Rolling Stones record on.  As a smile touched my face the word Adore popped into my head.  I adore my life, without question, hesitation, or exemption.  I adore my life and I’m ever so grateful, and I think both are important things to express.  I could go on, but Beast of Burden just started to play, so I’m going to stop writing and go dance around the living room, today is wonderful after all. What better way to celebrate than with a dance?