Local is Better

uniquely southern

Since moving to Tennessee, I have started a new Sunday afternoon tradition of bundling up and walking to the local market.  For a girl who loves to eat, browse the endless aisles of goodies, listen to live music, and save a buck, the authentic Chattanooga Market is a dream come true.  Regional farms and a multitude of local food and craft manufacturers set up in an open air pavilion and each are eager to share their respective talents with the community.  Herds of people flock to this focal point to check out the weekly deals.

The freshly picked produce on display is far from ordinary.  The fruits and vegetables are vibrant in color and still sparkling from the morning dew.  Being a vegetarian means I always spend too much time asking questions and finally picking out the perfect greens for the upcoming week.  The smell of kettle corn being popped draws long lines of snackers but it's definitely worth the wait.  Carrying around a mug of piping hot cider is the best way to stay warm while treasure hunting at all the different booths.  On any given day, the market is packed with hand-made dresses, all natural soaps, knitted toboggans and mittens, holistic pet treats, one-of-a-kind artwork, and exclusively local jewelry.  It's a known fact that shopping makes everyone hungry, which is why the lineup of local food trucks at the end of the pavilion is the perfect way to catch a second wind.  The mouth watering meals on wheels clan offers everything from scrumptious deli sandwiches, juicy burgers, smoked barbecue, enormous pizza slices, and my personal favorite, Korean-style tacos and rice bowls.  The variety of the mobile food court has every family member's appetite covered.  The dozens of tables located in front of the band is the ultimate way to enjoy lunch while tapping your foot along with the music.  And if there is any jingle left in your pocket, then it's time for round two!