Thank you.


We're getting all teary over here trying to convey our thanks for voting for us. We really, really believe in Equals, and we are so driven to grow it---the fact that you voted for us makes us love it even more. We have so much in store over the coming months. A philanthropic call to action, a foray into print---you can look forward to all of that. But for right now, we're blown away by you, our readers and supporters. Equals has made us feel so grateful for and enamored of all of the strong women (and the men who support them) who have powerful, moving stories to share, and who are choosing to share them with us. We can't wait to grow with you and for you. So, thanks. For voting, for getting your friends to vote, for reading, for sharing, for commenting. We wouldn't be us without you.


Elisabeth & Miya