The Curves and Bits of Barcelona

La Pedrera Exit_CS

I love Barcelona's curves and lines and organic forms. Flow and movement are ever-present, on every corner and up and down its avenues. And while Gaudi’s massive masterpieces are stunning to behold in their entirety, what moves me the most in this city are its details: the grooves between mosaic bits, the imperfect bumps in surfaces, the intricate wiring. I see and sense the world in fragments, beautiful or broken in their own ways, all contributing to create the setting and narrative of my life. The different steps, the various angles, the many possibilities. And so I appreciate Barcelona not just for its grandeur—for what we see when we stand back, for what we ultimately create—but for all the pieces I can touch up close, and all the tiny things that ostensibly don't matter, but really do.

Here, it’s about absorbing minutiae and magnificence at once, which is a wonderful way to experience a place.

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